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In 1977, Greg L. Ash graduated from Ferris State University with a B.S. degree in Surveying Engineering. Obtaining his surveying license in 1981, he started the surveying department at the engineering firm of Dietrich, Bailey and Associates (DBA). While at DBA, he headed the Western Township Utility Authority (WTUA) 21 mile sanitary sewer extension, handling all the topographic surveys, legal descriptions for easement acquisition and GPS control work for the traverse.

After 11 years at DBA, he left to start his own surveying company in March of 1993. He called the company GLA Surveyor (GLA), had two employees, and his office was in the attic of the Caviston Agency located on Main St. in Plymouth. The company specialized in residential and commercial surveying and through the years built strong relationships with many local and state-wide contractors. During this time, GLA built relationships with smaller engineering firms and handled their surveying needs in return for their engineering services.

With more demanding municipal requirements and trying to better meet the needs of its clients, GLA started it’s own engineering department in late 2002.

Katie Smith – Co Founder

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